Book hijacking is reproducing books to sale illegally. Hijacking can happen in book industry, movie industry and music industry. Other industry has hijack too, but there is not very massive like that industry. Book Hijacking becomes big problem for publisher and author or singer. Publisher and author will lost and never get money from there. Authors will not enthusiasm to write other books. Other hand, government will not get money from tax especially tax for book, movie and music. This is very dangerous for industry development today and future.

Book hijacking with reproducing like reprinting from original book, creating digital version in CD or file format to distribute in Internet and making copies all portion or partial portion in copying machine. Reader will get the copies with cheaper price from illegal reproduction. Usually, book hijacker will reproduce bestseller book or book will very high demand in the market.

How we can combat the book hijacking? We can do anything to combat the book hijacking like:

[1] Government must have law of anti book hijacking. I am sure every country has copyright law to protect book, movie, music, design, patent, and others.

[2] Government must make strong rule of law in that industry. Police must have strong power to combat hijacking.

[3] Publisher and association must create campaign anti hijacking in country or around the world cooperate with other industry like computer software, music, movie, etc.

[4] Hijacking is criminal and this is must be introduce to the society.

[5] Publisher and author should introduce writing habit to motivate society become writer especially in school or university. This is starting point to make sense of authorship on that community. So, they can imagine if they become author and their book has hijack by somebody. They will feel lost and never become hijacker.

[6] Cooperation with government make reducing book price. Also, publisher builds corporate efficiency to reduce book price too.

[7] Publisher and government should give a gift and appreciation to everybody who helps to catch the hijacker and protect it as witness.

[8] Build habit to society only buy original book (or other product) as proud.

Anti hijacking movement must always conduct every time simultaneously. Hijacking has mafia and sometime very difficult to combat it. We must struggle to combat this.