The Federal Prison system is a complicated and confusing system. We will discuss the ways to get Reduce your Prison Sentence. If you have been sentenced, you know that, and you might know about the sentencing guidelines and the many enhancements that may apply in your particular case.

However, many don’t know about the ways to actually reduce you sentence, either before or after you have been sentenced. In the Federal Criminal Rules and Procedure, there are what is called a 5K1 and a Rule 35, which are both motions that would need to be filed by the AUSA(Prosecutor), for in which they are asking the Judge to grant a downward departure from the original sentence. The AUSA will only file these motions when the defendant has provided “substantial assistance” in the investigation and or arrest of another person or persons. This is also referred to as “cooperation” with the Government. The AUSA has the option to file these motions, usually when they feel that you have provided enough info or done enough to warrant such reduction.

Then, the sentence reduction motion can vary on how much time the Government is seeking the Judge to give you off. There is know formula for this, it could range from 10-70%, to sometimes no prison time at all. But again, this is determined by the AUSA, and they will take into account a few definite factors, underlying crime by defendant, past criminal history, how much defendant cooperated – meaning if he gave the Government 1 case to pursue or gave information on 10 that all lead to conviction and long prison sentences, and maybe some other smaller factors. Doing this takes experience, and you should consult with a qualified company to assist you in doing all this.