It is important that there is a legal system in place that is for the protection not only of the general public but for innocent people as well. Being accused of a crime, innocent or guilty, is a very involved and frightening experience. If accused of criminal activity it is important to obtain a good criminal lawyer.

If a person is arrested for the first time they are usually at loss as to what to do. No matter how many television shows have been watched, regarding criminals and the law, it usually does not work out the same way. When arrested everyone is entitled to be told they can have an attorney. At this time it is important not to answer any questions, other than name and address, without an attorney present. This is important because, after that statement is made anything said can be used against the prisoner.

When a person is arrested they are ‘booked’ into a jail. That means that there are papers to be filled out regarding address, relatives and other information. Following this, fingerprints will be taken and, if the charge is serious, he or she will be required to change into jailhouse apparel. Interviews with police personnel will be held and that is when one should refuse to discuss anything without their lawyer.

When arrested, the prisoner is allowed one phone call. If there are serious charges pending and an attorney is needed it is not a good idea to just pick up the phone book and try to choose someone. The smart idea is to call a friend or family members and have them check around for someone experienced in the field. The attorney contacted will then come to the jail to find out what the charges are and what needs to be done to obtain a release, if possible.

Having a good criminal attorney working on one’s side, from the beginning, can make a huge difference in the outcome of the case. They can do research, check alibis, review the charges and the evidence. In other words, they can immediately go to work to provide a good defense against any charges that are filed.

If a case comes to trial, the defense attorney will have all witnesses, documents, law referrals and other necessary things ready to present an excellent defense. They will completely educate their client as to how to act on the witness stand while telling the truth. In addition, they will be prepared to offer an objection if anything is wrongly presented by the law enforcement attorneys.

In order to practice in this field, criminal attorneys must have an extensive education. A degree from a four-year college or university and a law school is required before being allowed to practice. Getting into a law school is not an easy task. They must take an entrance exam, called a LSAT, show good grades in previous school work, have recommendations and pass a personal interview. In addition, they must pass a very difficult state bar exam before they can be licensed for practice.

The law school program is three years long and upon graduation, they receive a Juris Doctor (J. D.) degree. It is this degree that allows them to take the state bar examination. In addition, the majority of the states require that they continually update their education in order to keep up with the latest changes in the law. Having a criminal attorney, with this much background, in one’s corner means they will have an excellent defense in the court room