If you have had a warehouse accident Claims in which you have sustained injuries, consider seeking legal help because you may be able to make an injury claim.

Common Warehouse Accidents

Warehouse workers can get involved in many different types of accidents. Common types of accidents taking place in a warehouse include:

Slips, Trips and Falls

Poorly discarded packaging and strapping, spillages of oil and water and obstructions on walkways are some of the main causes of slips, trips and falls. Warehouse floors must be kept free of these kinds of hazards to prevent such accidents from happening. Slips, trips and falls accidents can cause injuries ranging from nasty lacerations to broken bones and head injuries.

Hit By Falling Objects

Goods stacked on an upper floor can sometimes fall if they are not stacked properly. If there are people working underneath, these goods can fall on them and cause injuries. Even small items can cause serious head injuries if they fall from a height.

Falls From Heights

It is quite common for warehouse workers to work above floor levels to stack or remove goods from high shelving. Falls from heights can occur if ladders, platforms or mechanical pickers are faulty. Whenever workers are required to work at height, it is essential that they provided with appropriate equipment so they can perform their tasks safely. If they are not or if employers fail to provide adequate training, then an injury claim can be made against the employer if a warehouse worker gets in an accident at work.

Manual Handling Accidents

Manual handling tasks must be eliminated wherever possible, but if cannot be eliminated, then safe manual handling practices must be implemented. Manual handling accidents affects a large number of warehouse workers every year and some of the common injuries they sustain as a result of such accidents include crush injuries, foot injuries, back injuries and hand injuries.

Fork Lift Truck Accidents

An injury claim can also be made if a warehouse worker gets injured in a fork lift truck accident. Fork lift trucks are commonly used in warehouses, but it is important that they are used safely. If the fork lift truck is defective or if workers are not adequately trained to operate the equipment, an injury claim can be made against the employer.