If you are a victim of an accident in Asda that was caused by the stores’ negligence you may be able to claim compensation. Whether it is uneven flooring, objects placed haphazardly or a slip or fall over a slippery surface due to cleaning or a spill, If the store staff failed to respond to the hazard quickly they could be liable for compensation.

In a store like Asda and any other large supermarket, the company has in place stringent safety measures. These are there to protect their staff and also their customers from harm. If they fail to follow their protocols they risk customers getting harmed and injured. Across the UK thousands of incidents are reported in supermarkets every year although most of these are minor resulting in minor scratches or bruising some are far more serious a bad fall could lead to a fracture or break, back injuries or damage to ligaments or tendons. Even head injuries can occur. If you suffer a serious injury as a direct result of Asda’s negligence you could be entitled to claim.

The long term effects a serious injury can have on your health and finances can be devastating. If you have sustained a serious injury that requires you to take time off work resulting in loss of earnings or if you need to undergo a rehabilitation program following a serious break it can be hard to overcome. You might find yourself unable to meet your financial commitments including your ability to pay your utility bills or other credit commitments. Your mental and emotional state might also suffer as a result if any of this sounds familiar you could be entitled to make an Asda accident claim.

What is Asdas policy on accidents and liability for insurance purposes?

Asda or any other supermarket has a duty to keep their customers safe from harm. It’s their responsibility to take any required steps to keep their customers and staff safe and free from the risks of harm while on their premises. This includes inside the shop but also their wider grounds including paths and car parks which also belong to the business. They must adhere to the following policies:

Follow the duty of care act set out in the 1957 Occupiers Liability Act

Which states the occupiers must keep the whole premises reasonably safe for all visitors.

The Health and Safety at work Act 1974

This is separate legislation that sets out the rules around the safety of workers and the right to work in a safe environment free from hazards that could cause harm. It includes providing sufficient safety training and the responsibility to manage and minimise risks to their employees.

To comply with the above it is the responsibility of any supermarket such as Asda to regularly risk assess the environment for both staff and customers.

How to start asda accident claims?

If you believe your injury at Asda was caused by the company’s negligence. Contact a no win no fee solicitor today to discuss your case. No matter how minor you believe it may be, our experienced team will be able to advise you, and if applicable, take your claim forward.

We are here to help anyone who has been in an accident and sustained an injury that wasn’t their fault. Our asda accident claims solicitors offer a free consultation service where we will discuss and assess the unique details of your case. If after assessing the circumstances surrounding your accident we feel you have a strong case to claim compensation we will offer to represent you on a no win, no fee basis.

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