Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or other spirited drinks could definitely lead to accidents and other problems. But in most of these cases, the drunk driver is always the one who gets all the liabilities. But if you will carefully review the laws of your state regarding this kind of accidents, you’ll learn that even the stores, bars, and other establishments selling or serving liquors should also be held liable once it has been proven that they did so against certain rules and regulation set by the state or the government.

The lawyers are committed in fighting for the rights of the victims of DUI accidents and violence. We have a team of smart attorneys who can look deeper into things to determine if the dram shop is responsible for the Shop Accident Claims

Bars, clubs, restaurants, liquor stores, and other establishments or businesses that sell and serve alcoholic drinks or similar kinds are referred to as dram shops. These shops should follow some regulations about who and when to sell liquors because failure to do so will put them in the risk of being held liable for the accidents and other problems caused by a drunken person.

Aside from dram shops, those who throw parties in their own place or house and invite some friends over could also be put under the liquor liability laws. These people are referred to as social hosts and if they will be proven guilty of serving alcoholic drinks against the rules and regulations, they should also face the responsibility and consequences of their actions. In most cases, it is not that easy to prove that the social host is also liable so you will need the expertise of the lawyers regarding this matter.

There are some cases when the person who was drunk driving was also the victim. You can see and hear lots of single vehicle crashes in the news due to drunk driving. You or your family needs a good lawyer to make sure that you will be compensated and the parties responsible will be penalized accordingly. The liabilities of dram shops and social hosts are not only limited to vehicular accidents, Liquor liability laws can also be applied when a drunk person have assaulted another resulting to serious injuries and damages. It is stated in the law governing these dram shops that they should not serve or sell liquors to customers if they think that the person already had enough than he should.

Most cases of liquor liability accidents are not simple and you would need the assistance and help of lawyers who are experienced in handling liquor liability cases.