Personal injury law, also known as “tort law,” includes physical and emotional injuries caused by various reasons such as slips and falls, road accidents, use of defective products, defamation, medical malpractice and animal bites.

Sometimes the injuries can be minor or can be healed with time. Such victims do not have to go to court to receive compensation, and the party that caused the injuries offers compensation. However, some personal injuries may have grave consequences and affect a victim forever. If a personal injury has occurred in Maryland, it is advisable for the victim to hire a reputed lawyer. It is important to know the statute of limitations in Maryland to know the permitted time limit for filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Good personal injury lawyers can offer guidance to victims to decide the course of action. They protect the rights of their clients, and ensure that they receive the maximum compensation from the defendants and the insurance companies. Experienced personal injury lawyers have adequate expertise in dealing with insurance companies.

The procedure of personal injury lawsuits may vary according to the type of personal injury. Medical malpractice lawyers have a good understanding of medical terminology. They often consult medical experts to determine if the victims have valid grounds for filing a claim. According to personal injury law, individuals who are substantially exposed to hazardous waste can also file for compensation if they suffer from some sort of disorder or illness resulting from it.

As the personal injury lawsuits vary considerably, it is recommended to hire a lawyer who has represented similar types of personal injury cases. There are lawyers who are specialized in specific areas of personal injury law.

Lawyers and reputed law firms usually offer free initial consultation. They evaluate the cases of victims and advise them accordingly. All personal injury lawyers usually charge on a contingency fee basis.