You may feel shaken or possibly even injured after a car accident. There are steps you can take immediately to make sure that you are safe and not hurt.

  1. Your vehicle should not block the road. After that, you can help any person in your car who might be hurt.
  2. If you need medical attention, contact an emergency department.
  3. Call the police immediately. Many states require that you report any vehicle accident.
  4. In an accident, you may need to exchange information about your personal and insurance. Make sure you get the car’s license plate number, name, and phone number.
  5. Photograph the scene, your car, and any other vehicles.
  6. Don’t give your statement to your insurance company yet. Wait until you’ve contacted a lawyer who is experienced in handling car accident cases.
  7. Do not accept any offer of personal payment or leave the police out of an accident.

What Are the Legal Steps to Take After a Car Accident?

To avoid losing time with your claim, it is crucial to seek legal advice as soon as possible. At Jenkins Law, our car accident lawyers can offer a swift initial consultation to obtain any information necessary to pursue your claim.

How to File a Personal Injury Auto Claim

Filing a claim, like many other court-related tasks, can be confusing. You will first need to determine if your claim is against another party (a car manufacturer, parts manufacturer, or, due to road conditions, the state or county).

The statute of limitations in Florida for personal injury claims is also important to be aware of. It is currently four years, according to the Florida Legislature. However, there are many factors that can impact the statute.

It can be daunting, especially if your injury is still affecting you. Jenkins Law can ease this task by providing assistance with filing your personal injury claim.

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