For timeshare owners, it starts just like any other story: life was simple and secure. Then, something comes up. A family emergency. A job change. A health issue.

Whatever the reason, the simple and secure is no longer the norm, and things need to change. As you go through your expenses and reassess your life, you may come across a particular cost that you haven’t paid much attention to in the past-your timeshare contract.

These changes in your life have gotten you to question whether a timeshare is worth your time (and money). So you want to get rid of your timeshare. But have you read the fine print?

Owners looking to give their timeshare back to the resort must look closely at the timeshare contract. Under most contracts, there is no legal terminology stipulating that a resort needs to take back the timeshare. This is probably going to come as a shock to most owners.

It is advised that owners looking to sell their timeshare read the contract themselves, and, if possible, have an attorney read over the details. The contracts are often long, in depth, and cover every possible contingency – including ownership rights and responsibilities. And as you’ve probably already guessed, those rights and responsibilities fall on you and solely you.

The fine print of a timeshare contract will ultimately let you know what you can and cant do with your timeshare. For those of you that are looking to end the hassle associated with trying to get rid of your timeshare, there are some companies that offer a guarantee, like Timeshare Relief and Transfer Smart. In any case, keep this in mind: with a timeshare contract, read the fine print.